1. Unknown Beginnings

Our story begins on a seemingly normal day for Suriay, Yukiko, and Weyland (the three main characters in this plot). They live in separate cities and know nothing about each other. They are all ageless and seemingly immortal. Yukiko’s normal day takes a turn for weird when she is visited by a guy dressed in blue who claims to be an old friend of her master, Adni. He wishes to speak with him but Yukiko informs him that he’s been catatonic for years now. The man claims to still be able to speak with him, however. Yukiko decides to let him speak with her master, but only under her supervision. No words are exchanged but the man claims he’s had his conversation. Yukiko hears movement from her master’s direction and turns to find Agni is trying to get up. When she turns to question the blue clad individual, he’s gone. She turns back to her master, still not quite able to control his movement or speak yet, as he speaks into her mind. He tells her to find a girl in a pink dress and the city of the falling star. Yukiko departs for the Serpent’s Forest.

Suriay’s day of normality is torn asunder in his sleep. He wakes up to fire raining from the sky and a large object slowly falling towards the ground. An object larger than the town itself. Suriay and two of his coworkers, Monte and T’roaw, make their escape from the town and into the Serpent’s Forest.

Weyland’s day turns a little more exciting than normal when a boy is rushed into his clinic while he’s out having lunch with Wren. He returns just in time to save the boys life. He has a feeling it was a deputy named Seth that did this to the boy and goes to the Marshall’s office to have a word with him. He arrives only to find that no one is there. Upon closer inspection he discovers horse prints on the ground that seems to indicate that there was a chase going west. He makes it to the gates of the town to find the Marshall and his deputy’s stopped. Weyland goes into the Serpent’s Forest.

Weyland, Suriay, and Yukiko awaken next to each other, after realizing once they left the safety of their town they lost consciousness. After trying to figure out what happened for a short while and realizing they’re far from their towns, Suriay decides to start walking. Weyland and Yukiko follow. They realize as they walk that the terrain is changing nonsensically. After walking a while, they come across Monte. Shortly after they hear Wren scream and T’roaw yell ‘put her down.’ They all rush to find Seth and Wren on a cliff edge and T’roaw at a distance. After nasty words are exchanged, Weyland decides to aim and fire on Seth but before he can do so, something draws him, Suriay, and Yukiko into another place.

They find themselves in an auditorium of sorts with a woman suspended in a blue light in the center. Weyland takes the woman out of the light and she awakens and informs them that they are in the observatory of a place called Shudnaught and that her name is Aurora. After trying to figure out what’s going on they discover that Aurora remember’s hardly anything. She knows they have to restore power to Shudnaught before anything else can happen. So Weyland, Suriay, and Yukiko head down to the power core and manage to restore the power. Aurora informs them that there’s another lifeform in the area that just arrived. They confront the lifeform to find he’s a ‘personification of apathy’ named Anon (or at least that’s what he calls himself because he didn’t care to remember his real name). Anon gives them an orb of sorts and tells them it will return them to their home. He also says there’s another orb just like that at they’re home and they’d do well to take it with them.

After a frustrating conversation with Anon, the three decide to try to return home, and succeed. They return right where they left, with Seth, Wren, Monte, and T’roaw on a cliff edge. Weyland shoots Seth’s hand and catches Wren, then knocks Seth out and patches up his hand. After looking around they notice the terrain isn’t jumbled and randomly changing. After talking with Wren, Monte, and T’roaw, the other three learn that in their absence something has drastically changed the layout of the world they know, and apparently, only Suriay, Weyland, and Yukiko are aware of the change. They decide to head back to town. Before getting far they find Adni’s dead body, who appears to have been dead for a few days. They give him a proper burial and continue back to town…

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