Suriay Enine

A skilled Ranger and secretive Barkeep



Suriay, a faithful student of his master, was throw head fast into a world of loathing and boredom. He finds happiness in several aspects of his life, gambling, archery, pick-pocketing, and he’ll even be happy to sell your secrets…even if you don’t know.

Suriay is the owner of The Scarlett Naga, one of the largest and most dangerous taverns in town. This is the base of all his businesses.

Ten years ago Suriay found a young boy named T’raow trying to break into his Tavern. He applauded his knack for breaking and entering but told the young boy he should work on his stealing and escaping skills. The boy now twenty-three works for Suriay as a partner in crime and mead.

Suriay Enine

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